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IIT Archives Genealogy Research Policy

Univeristy Archives & Special Collections (UASC) is able to provide basic biographical information for genealogy research. Our collections primarily have information about students who attended IIT and its predecessor schools, Armour Institute of Technology and Lewis Institute. UASC does not have employment records and has only limited information on faculty, staff, and scientists related at IIT, Armour, Lewis, and affiliated research institutions.

Because the needs of genealogy researchers are relatively specialized, genealogy research has a modified set of research policies. When responding to genealogical inquires, we assume the research request is primarily personal and seeks information for family history only. These policies do not apply to biographical research for other projects.

  1. Some genealogy questions can be answered via email or phone. Contact UASC with the name of your ancestor, an approximate date range, and a specific question about school enrollment, donor records, etc. Allow up to 2 weeks for a response.
  2. Detailed biographical information about your ancestor, like grade reports, club memberships, or student work may require you visit UASC yourself. Further information on locating biographical information in UASC collections is below.
  3. All genealogy questions will be answered informally in writing via email; photocopies or scans of records will not be provided. If you want to view materials or acquire reproductions, you must visit UASC.
  4. Access to some student records is restricted. If you think relevant information about your ancestor is in any of these collections, allow time for a UASC staff member to search for you.
  5. If you are unable to visit UASC, we will do our best to assist your research remotely. However, please recognize UASC staff members are not private researchers. We are happy to answer specific questions, but may not have time for more intensive searching on your behalf. The more information you can provide about your ancestor and the location of potential information in UASC, the more responsive we will be able to be.
  6. Genealogy researchers who visit UASC are subject to the same General Policies as all other researchers.

Finding Biographical Materials in UASC

The best sources for biographical information in UASC are student records, the school newspaper, yearbooks, and deceased donor files. Many of these resources are available remotely; before you submit a research question, you can check these locations yourself. Issues of Tech News, the student newspaper, can be searched and read online in the Tech News database. Note that issues before 1940 are from Armour Institute only; Lewis Institute did not have a student paper. Yearbooks are available in UASC, the Galvin Library reference collection, and may be available through interlibrary loan. For titles and publication dates, see the Yearbooks Index. Official school transcripts are only available from the IIT Registrar’s office. If your ancestor has a donor file, you can find it by searching their name in UASC's catalog, HEALD. This may also locate additional collection material relevant to your research.

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