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IIT Archives Institute of Design Records Policies

Institute of Design Records housed in UASC are open to researchers. However, because of the large size of these collections, and because many of these materials are rare, fragile, and oversize, working with them has some additional policies. Although we no longer require an additional signed agreement or fee from ID researchers, we ask you read and abide by the following policies:

  1. All researchers intending to work primarily with Institute of Design materials must contact UASC in advance of their visit by email. Include a description of your research project, anticipated dates of visit, and any materials you have already identified as of interest.
  2. Because ID researchers often spend several days with these collections, we also recommend you schedule time in addition our regular Open Hours (Mon- Fri, 1pm-5pm) to view materials. Note some fragile and oversize materials may only be seen by appointment.
  3. Before you visit, please send a preliminary list of the materials you would like to view, including collection number, box number, and folder number when applicable. Once you are working in UASC, you are welcome to request additional material, but be aware some materials may take time to retrieve or require specific arrangements to view.
  4. Institute of Design material may have different restrictions on reproduction than general collection materials.
  5. Access to some student information may be restricted for legal reasons.

Locating Material

UASC holds three large Institute of Design collections, and many smaller collections with Institute of Design material. To navigate these collections and select materials, see the collection guide for László Moholy-Nagy and the Institute of Design or search our catalog, HEALD. Depending on your topic, other collection guides may also be useful.

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