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Indexes and related resources for collections at UASC and University history:

Armour Engineer and Illinois Tech Engineer
This periodical was published under various names between 1909 and 1940 as both as a journal with articles on topics of interest to engineers and as an alumni magazine with news and notices about people and campus events. This index is selective and does not include all years, but illustrates the type of articles that can be found in all issues.

Building History
Online, interactive map of campus with information about campus construction over time. See pictures, construction dates, demolitions dates, and other information on buildings from 1880 to present day, including Armour Institute Buildings.

Faculty/Staff Newsletter series and Alumni Magazine series
A chronological list of serial titles published by IIT from 1940 – 2010 for faculty, staff, and alumni. These periodicals include news and notices about campus events and people and serve as an important and sometimes unique source for campus events. They are not individually indexed.

IIT Press Releases, 1940 – 1999
Index of the titles and dates of IIT Press Releases, 1940 to 1999. News releases were released to local media to announce events, programs, and activities of the university. UASC holds what is presumed to be a complete run from 1940 (founding of IIT) to 1999 except for missing volumes listed below. This index was created by UASC. All name spellings as shown in the actual releases were assumed to be correct unless a different spelling can be verified from an alternate source. For the most part, personal titles (Dr., Prof., Mr., etc.) have been omitted; however to help identify releases about women, the title "Ms." has been maintained or added. All people, programs, and activities discussed in the releases can be assumed to be related to IIT.

A digitized, searchable, copy of all these volumes are also available through the Internet Archive.

No press releases have been found for the months of:

  • January - March 1956
  • January - March 1957
  • July - December 1962
  • July - December 1968
  • Oct. 1991 – Dec.1995

Serial Publications of Illinois Institute of Technology
A list of all the serial titles published by Illinois Institute of Technology and its predecessor schools Lewis Institute and Armour Institute of Technology as identified by the university’s archivists. Most titles are held by UASC, but UASC does not necessarily hold a complete run of any title.

Technology News
A digitized, searchable collection of IIT's student newspapers, including the current campus newspaper "IIT Technology News" and its predecessors "Armour News" and "Armour Tech News," which have been in publication since 1928. This website searches over 58,000 articles from issues published 1928-1981.

A list of the yearbooks published by the students of Illinois Institute of Technology and its predecessor schools Lewis Institute and Armour Institute of Technology from 1900 to 1979. The books reflect campus life, academic programs, social activities, and usually include rosters of students and faculty. Yearbooks are available in the Galvin Library book collection as well as in the IIT Archives.