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Reflection and Revelation: Yearbooks Through the Years

Yearbooks Through the Years

Yearbooks are usually viewed as documents of a year in the life of a school, a selective review of campus highlights, a senior class' record of itself. But that is only part of the picture. Any given yearbook also reflects the social milieu in which it was created. Yearbooks from the 1930s are immediately distinguishable from those of the 1960s -- and not just because of the length of the graduates' hair. Minor changes in style and content from year to year become major changes over time. In the process, more history is captured than just what went on within the ivy-covered walls. Collectively, 100 years worth of school "annuals" chronicle the history of Lewis Institute, Armour Institute, and Illinois Institute of Technology. They also reflect the life and times of our world beyond the campus boundaries. As its premier exhibit, the IIT Archives presents "Reflection and Revelation: Yearbooks Through the Years."

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